Art comes in different forms and shapes all over the world. Some of the commonly used mediums and techniques have been explained below:Oil

  • Oil

This particular medium can capture the details along with the play of light and dark. However, it can take up 9 months to completely dry and sometimes even years for heavy textured oil paintings. Oil paints have been used since the fifth century in Asia. It was brought to Europe by the olden traders around the fifteenth century. Oil was often favored by old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Francisco Goya and Rembrandt Van Rijn.

  • Watercolor

Watercolor was used as a medium as early on as the fifth century in Asia on fine silk as well as woven paper. They were introduced to Europe around the 15th century by traders and were picked up by French Impressionists. The ground pigments are mixed with the water soluble binders to create the watercolor paint, to give it that rich hue and color.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic paints entered the art industry in the 1950s. These paints are water soluble while being applied, yet water-resistant after they have dried. This became popular with advertising and with graphic designing. The rich, glossy finish offered by acrylic paints is favored by most magazines.

  • Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is one of the recent innovative mediums that have entered the art world. It consists of the digital printing process, where the imagery is transferred onto different materials like metal or plastic or glass. This process is actually based on the scientific process of sublimation wherein any substance transforms from a solid to a gas by skipping the liquid stage. This way the original image is turned into a digital matrix and then the artists gets to have control over the colors and the final look of the image.

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The art world like any other industry has its own set of words and terms that are used to describe different things. Let’s take a look at some of the popular terms used:

  • Medium

Any material used by artists to create their art is called medium. A single piece of art can have more than one medium, depending on the artist’s flight of fancy. Most galleries display the medium information of the paintings next to it like “oil on canvas” or “tempera on wood” etc.

  • Canvas

A canvas is usually a strong woven piece of cloth that artists usually paint on. These days canvas can be bought at stores easily. In the earlier days, the artists used to create their own canvases.

  • Sculpture

This is a kind of 3 dimensional art made either by carving or modelling or casting or construction. Several famous pieces of sculptures have been created by the old masters using the carving method.

  • Wood Engraving

This unique form of creating art involves a printing method, where the line is burnt into the woodblock by focusing a heating tool. This has become rather popular in the last couple of years, with plenty of amateurs and new artists picking it up.