Danielle Sandwell – Dream Land

April 16, 2014, 8:26 am // Sarah

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16th April 7-9pm

Danielle Sandwell


Dream Land is a one night only exhibition revisiting nostalgic memories of the favourite holiday destination of Margate Kent. As a pre-garduate exhibition it features final major project works by student Danielle Sandwell, who has lived in Margate all her life. Dream Land explores Margate from 1900s to the 1960s and beyond, by combining memories with seaside traditions. Treat yourself to a relaxing break by the seaside and revisit the past of a t

own which is striving to remember what it once was.

Come to Dream Land.

For further information contact: daniellesandwell@hotmail.co.uk


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Collaboration Bailey/Carreira with Patrick Simkins

April 1, 2014, 8:45 am // Sarah

House Gallery press release

1st – 9th April 2014

HOUSE Gallery Collaboration:

Bailey/Carreira With Patrick Simkins

Artist Patrick Simkins and Collective Bailey/Carreira have joined forces to present work specific to Camberwell, exploring lost history and forgotten meaning.

In folklore, the well acts as a natural gathering place. But as time passes and society naturally progresses, what becomes of such traditions?

Hidden in the back room of the gallery, the well continues to provide an ongoing legacy. Yet the objects and souls that remain from times past, feel dazed and confused.




Angela Kerstner

March 18, 2014, 9:39 am // Sarah


Angela Kerstner

18th – 29th March

Private View Friday 28th March 7-9pm

Notes From Another World

In the end there was the sea chest

An expedition with nine members from Germany and Austria, leave in 1939 for Scandinavia to verify results of an earlier team. A fall into a grotto in the North of Norway and the adverse conditions in this until then solitary environment lay the foundation stone. For studies and diary entries that show the struggle as well as the joy of discovering this habitat and its flora and fauna in these sixteen months.

It is a fictional story Angela uses as a setting for her work, presenting the objects, drawings, diary entries and fragments of old films, that were ‘discovered’ in a sea chest on an attic in 2013. Plants and animals that only exist in her world…..


Paul Barker – Counsel From the Moon

March 1, 2014, 10:34 am // Sarah



1st March – 14th March

Private View 1st March 7-10pm

The exhibition will concentrate on recent work but will include some paintings from the last 30 years. All the pieces are oils, mostly on canvas with some on board. The paintings are mostly abstract with some landscapes, and vary in size from 15 centimetres (6 inches) to over a metre. Most of the work will be for sale for prices between £40 and £300.
My work is firmly in the tradition of “Lyrical Abstraction”: colourful, decorative and optimistic. There is an emphasis on pattern and movement. The most obvious comparisons might be with the St Ives painters of the last century, like Terry Frost or Patrick Heron. Among living painters the ones I feel closest to would include Gillian Ayres, Jennifer Durrant and the group associated with The Poussin Gallery.
The titles of my pictures are often poetic and mysterious but they are not meant to be clues to be deciphered. I want to suggest a mood without forcing the audience to agree with my interpretation. The names often refer to the original source of the image, helpful to me as I often work in series over a long period. Naming pictures is a bit like naming children, something memorable and attractive that they can make their own. As someone said “writing about pictures is like dancing about buildings”. Come and see for yourself.


Hello? I Love you? – Group Show

February 14, 2014, 11:08 am // Sarah

Hello I love you

Hello? I Love you? – Group Show

14/02/2014 – 28/02/2014

Private View Friday 14th 7-9pm

Ten years after graduating from Norwich School of Art, five artists specialising in print making, painting and illustration have come together to give you their take on the L word. Hello? I love you? Is an exhibition of work by artists Stephen Hennessy, Matthew Gent, Panna Parmar, Jhinuk Sarkar and Samuel Potts at the House Gallery in South East London. Since graduating, illustrator Jhinuk Sarkar has exhibited and taken part in residencies around the world. Yorkshire born, Samuel Potts specialises in portraiture commissions and regularly exhibits in the UK. Printmaker Matthew Gent creates detailed limited edition woodcuts as one off gig posters and gallery commission pieces. Stephen Hennessy is a painter who transforms his observations from his travels into paintings and exhibits internationally. Panna Parmar has exhibited her colourful screen prints and etchings in London. Coming together, these very different artists will offer their take on what the Beatles may say is all you need; Love.

The exhibition starts on February 14th 2014 for two weeks at the House Gallery in Camberwell.
Private View will be held at the gallery from 7pm on Thursday 14thFebruary 2014.

To find out more about each artist please visit their websites:
Samuel Potts www.sampotts.co.uk
Matthew Gent www.handmadeandheartless.co.uk www.handmadeandheartless.bigcartel.com
Jhinuk Sarkar http://cargocollective.com/paperfig
Stephen Hennessy www.stephen-hennessy.com
Panna Parmar www.pannaparmar.com