Prospective exhibitors

Got an exhibition up your sleeve and looking for that perfect place to show it off? Look no further! HOUSE is a gallery dedicated to showing brand new work and brand new artists – HOUSE wants to make you its home. . .so get those creative cogs whirring and read on. . .

Gallery hire at HOUSE costs £250 per week or £350 for two weeks. We offer a reduced rate to students of £230 per week or £280 for two weeks.

Sales are negotiated between the artist and the buyer, the gallery does not charge commission on sales.

Exhibitions usually run between 1-4 weeks. We prefer proposals for 2 weeks or more but 1 week slots will be considered. To encourage strong curation, we ask that group shows include four artists or less.

If you are interested in showing at HOUSE you will need to submit an exhibition proposal. Please include as much detail as you can with your proposal, including images and details of how you will curate the exhibition space.

Use the following downloads when creating your proposal.

  1. Proposal application form
  2. Gallery floorplan
  3. Window plan
  4. Terms and Conditions

[You can download Adobe Reader here]
NB: You might need to either right click or apple click on the PDF links to open them, depending on the settings on your computer.

Feel free to pop in and have a look round. If you have any questions please call or email the Gallery and Events Manager, Sarah Remy or David Adams on the above E-mail address.